Ticketing on the PC? No! Now smart phone are Top-trend!


1_ The TICKETBOX6 opened the smart reservation era.

As is reservation system / TICKETBOX6 is

2_ Encompass the future of theater operations.

Systematic member management / Easy onsite sales / Campaign, SMS promotion / Utilize CEM & CRM

Intuitive UI · UX for simple and easy management
of all menus and administration screens

3_ Provides marketing tool to attract audience.

Campaign / Convenience service

Promotional and marketing, audience and ticketing are
connected through smart phone to increase sales.

4_ Main features of a TICKETBOX6

Main features of a TICKETBOX6


1_ Smart phone & PC reservation service

 Optimized UI, UX for smart phone


▶ It can be provided with the same UI, UX to the smart phone and PC

▶ The Responsive Web Technology supports the N screen for all smart devices.

▶ Promote the performance through a easy-to-understand guidance.

▶ Reservation is made easier by minimizing the advance stage.

▶ With the introduction of the Memory DB, it offers a 10 times faster bookings without bottlenecks.

2_ Optimum Discount & Simple Payment System

 Provides an optimal discount function and a simple payment system service.

Automatic optimized discount / Credit card payment / Easy payment(kakaopay)

▶ By automatically finding the optimum discount and presenting it to the customer, the customer hassle disappeared.

▶ The reservation became faster and easier with simple payment system.

3_ Mobile ticket & Present a gift

 Mobile ticket can be admitted quickly without ticketing.

Before using a Mobile ticket / After using a Mobile ticket / Present a ticket

▶ Ticket issue will disappear due to mobile ticket.

▶ With a mobile ticket gift, a lot of people who are related with customer, can find the theater more conveniently.

4_ SMS Reservation function

 Provides the ability to reserve performance with SMS touch.

SMS touch / Begin reservation immediately

▶ This is a SMS reservation for non-member audiences who are hesitant to provide personal information.

▶ When customer touch the sent SMS, the reservation is made immediately.


1_ Please use the TICKETBOX6 as follows.

 TICKETBOX6 is a customized smart ticketing solution.

Acquire customers through SMS promotion

imagesThe Audience doesn't react to regular promotional SMS.
Send promotional SMS such as early bird special, prize, etc. to customers who have been extracted from the campaign tool.
Touch the received SMS to start buying immediately without any hassle.

Utilize as customer analysis

Using the performance attributes and audience data analyzed in CEM, you can identify the profiles, status, statistics, and trends of theater members. Utilize a precise audience analysis for how and when to respond to any performance.

*CEM(Customer Experience Management) is the process of strategically managing the customer's overall experience.

Simple payment system makes it easier

TICKETBOX6 is designed with a smart phone.
It simplifies the stage of the reservation for the annoying audience who irritated the complexity, simple payment system, SMS reservation, non-member reservation, automatic optimized discount were introduced. Present the convenience to your members.

Maximize purchase by presenting

Using mobile tickets and presenting tickets, it is possible to bring a lot of audience such as friends, lovers, parents, etc. of the members to the theater.
Utilize TICKETBOX6 as a powerful marketing tool.


Tel: +82-70-5101-4010 / E-maill: manager@lodev.kr

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TicketBox6 easy booking experienceX

Simply enter your mobile phone number and
you will receive a quick booking SMS.

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* The mobile phone number you entered is not used for purposes other than SMS transmission.

Proceed with booking on your smartphone.

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